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Brian's Music City
3-6 year olds

In this program, Brian takes “Music Time” to the next level.
Your child will learn the C Scale, chords and four songs on the piano and xylophone. They will learn how to play percussion and four rhythms, including “We Will Rock You” and the waltz. In addition, your child will have a blast singing and learning about music genres in rock ’n roll, reggae bluegrass, jazz, 
funk, blues and calypso dances. They will also learn music theory (dynamics, tempo, tones and major/minor chords) and movement skills (scales, flexibility, body positions and skipping). This proven, themed-based program keeps the songs fresh and your child engaged. There are forty-eight themes in all which will take your child to such fun places as: Robot Road, Iceberg, Coral Reef and Fairytale Field. 
Lesson Plan: September 25-29
"Coral Reef"
Students will learn
piano and xylophone!
KEY: Skill (Song Title)

1. Singing and "Three Clap" Rhythm (We're Off)

2. Singing and Drum-Clap Rhythm (Sea Turtle)
3. Dancing and Rock 'n Roll (Rock 'n Roll Dance)
4. Soprano Tones (Under The Sea)
5. Instrument and Note Recognition (C Scale with PIANO)
6. Instrument and Finger Placement (Thumb Song with PIANO)
7. Instrument and Rhythm (Twinkle Star with PIANO)

Session Music Focus: Tones (Soprano = high / Bass = low / Vibrato = wavering)
Session Rhythm Focus: Drum-Clap
Session Genres: Rock 'n Roll and Reggae
New Song!
Next Week:
"Wilderness Woods"
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