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About Teacher Brian

Brian Waite grew up in a musical and athletic family.  He began his musical education at age five on piano and started his gymnastics training when he was nine.  By the time he graduated high school, he was proficient in piano, voice and saxophone, and had become a champion gymnast.  He had also discovered a gift for guitar and songwriting.  After college, Brian began teaching gymnastics, writing music and performing in musical groups.  Ten years later in 2000, he sold his Little Gym business, where he had gathered valuable experience in motivating and educating young children, and began teaching music and movement classes to toddlers and preschoolers.  Since then, Brian has taught thousands of young musicians in his successful programs: “Brian’s Music Time”, "Brian's Music City", and "Brian's Music Time - Online".
In his free time, Brian volunteers at a domestic violence agency and teaches guitar.
He also creates music and adventure stories with his award-winning children's music group, The Brian Waite Band.  They perform in family concerts throughout the Western United States, and their music is being played by fans around the world.
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