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Brian's Music Time​​
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In this program, Brian brings his love for children, his guitar and award-winning music, and his thirty years of early childhood teaching experience to your home or classroom via YouTube. He will teach your child to sing nine “Songs of the Month”, and how to play percussion, including the tambourine, bells, maraca, wooden block and castanet. Your child will learn about musical genres like rock 'n roll, reggae, bluegrass, jazz, funk, blues, calypso and hard rock in dances. They will also learn rhythms, including “Drum-Clap” and the waltz. They will explore music theory (dynamics, tempo, tones and chord types) in a positive and patient atmosphere designed to nurture your child’s innate joy for music and movement.​ This proven, themed-based program keeps the songs fresh and your child engaged. There are forty-eight themes in all which will take your child to such fun places as: Robot Road, Iceberg, Coral Reef and Fairytale Field. 
Lesson Plan: September 13
KEY: Skill (Song Title)
1. Singing and "Three Clap" Rhythm (Welcome Song with Harmonica)
2. Singing and Drum-Clap Rhythm (Blast Off!)
3. Dancing and Rock 'n Roll (Rock 'n Roll Dance)
4. Soprano (Astronaut Float)

5. Instrument and Drum-Clap Rhythm (Broken Robots with wooden blocks)
6. Instrument and Dancing (Dance & Clonk! with wooden blocks)
7. Dance Party (Moon Rock Dance by The Brian Waite Band)

Session Music Focus: Tones (soprano = high, bass = low)
Session Rhythm Focus: Drum-Clap
Session Genres: Rock 'n Roll and Reggae
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Next Time: "Pumpkin Patch"
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