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Brian's Music Time​​
1-3 year olds
In this program, Brian brings his love for children, his guitar and award-winning music, and his thirty years of early childhood teaching experience. He will teach your child to sing twelve “Songs of the Month” and how to play percussion, including the tambourine, bells, maraca, wooden block and castanet. Your child will learn about musical genres like rock 'n roll, reggae, bluegrass, jazz, funk, blues, calypso and hard rock in twelve dances. They will also learn four rhythms, including “Drum-Clap” and the waltz. In addition, your child will explore music theory (dynamics, tempo, tones and chord types) and learn movement skills (balance, flexibility, body positions and locomotion) in a positive and patient atmosphere designed to nurture your child’s innate joy for music and movement.
Lesson Plan: Feb 6-10
KEY: Skill (Song Title)
1. Singing and "Three Clap" Rhythm (Welcome Song)

2. Singing and Fingerplay (On Valentine's Day)
3. Singing and Drum-Clap-Clap Rhythm (Campfire Song)
4. Dancing and Bluegrass (Let's Head To The Barn)
5. Accelerando Tempo (Red & Green)

6Instrument and Drum-Clap-Clap Rhythm (I'm Happy with tambourines)
7. Instrument and Dancing (Play The Tambourines)

Song Of The Month: "Jingle Bells" = Dec, "Snowflakes"= Jan, "On Valentine's Day" = Feb
Session Music Focus: Tempo (Adagio = slow / Allegro = fast / Accelerando = slow to fast

Session Rhythm Focus: Drum-Clap-Clap (Waltz)
Session Genres: Jazz and Bluegrass
New Song!
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